stage combat


to become a better performer

I started out with trying Stage Combat with Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS) the first time when I was in theatre school in 2005. When I participated at a summerworkshop in 2011 I got hooked for real and became a part of the society. Both as a member and a boardmember for the Swedish suborganisation Stage Fight Sweden between 2011-2013 and 2015. Evenutally I also became a board member for the whole NSFS in 2014-2015. 

I realised that for me it wasn't just the joy of physical training, the partnership and fun choreographies that got me involved even more. But I found myself interested in changing the mindset of how we use violence on film and stage, from depicted violence that have little consequence for dramaturgy or emotional development in a character, to depicted violence that leaves an emotional imprint with the audience and a new understanding or respect for human nature, psychology and behavior.

I am trained in the following disciplines:
Broadsword, Single rapier, Quarterstaff, Sword and Shield, Knife, Firearms, TMA (theatrical martial art), Unarmed, Rapier/Dagger, Rapier/Cloak, Smallsword, Found Weapons, Axe, firearms and squibs, light stunt work (stair falls, etc) with among others the following instructors: Brad Waller (USA), Oula Kitti (FIN), Peppe Östensson (SWE), Kristoffer Jörgenssen (NOR), Siobhan Richardson (CAN), RC Annie (UK), etc. 
I have been instructed in SWAT tactics, movement and firearm techniques by instructors from:
the, Norwegian special police forces, Norwegian High Security Prisons, and the Finnish sniper division.


Together with some friends we formed a training group along with NSFS-instructor Anders Jacobsson in Stockholm. 

We call ourselves Stage Fight Sthlm.  (website in Swedish)
Stage Fight Facebook group

We try to offer weekly training every semester. and since, 2012 I have produced and arranged numerous workshops, inviting guest teachers and get participants to work on and improve their artistry and training.