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artistic journey

Stanislavskij was the rolemodel and my first real encounter with physical and theoretic actors training. I didn't know what to expect, but it struck me, big time. 

Since I was a kid I have always known that I wanted to work with expressions and emotions. My training as an actor comes from the school of Stanislavskij. It has been my base in acting and started in Norrköping, Sweden in 2004. I'm influenced from multiple techniques and disciplines. Clown, Contemporary dance, Stage fight, Improvisation and Ivana Chubbuck technique is a big part of my acting and in my present way of working.

I see my artistery as a caleidoscope of choices. To be able to change with experiences and with time. Shake it up and something new comes to your eye. I'm inspired by creators that dare to challenge conventions and dare to change themselves in the process. I believe that change is not without a cost, it's not for free. You have to remove a certain comfort to be able to change your life and views.

Between 2010 and 2018 I worked for Stockholm City County and ”Kultur i vården”. I have performed on different stages all over Stockholm to give culture/theatre as a form of rehabilitation. I dramatise stories, read plays, novels and do storytelling. That has been a big part of my performing life. I did an average of 200 performances every year and it has given me a great skill to create intimacy with an audience and be present on stage and set.

At one period I did alot of physical training, instead of weight lifting I started with contemporary dance and together with my stage fight training it started to complete a circle of what I am. A physical actor, movement based, with method acting and improvisation as foundation. 

I am interested in exploring the mindset of how artists make choices in for example showing violence and conflicts on film and stage. I want to make a change from depicted violence that have little consequence for dramaturgy or emotional development in a character, to depicted violence that leaves an emotional imprint with the audience. That creates a new understanding or respect for human nature, psychology and behavior.

In recent years I tend to work more with film as my main medium to approach my audience. I try to find my ways through movement projects, acting and stage fighting collaborations. I find that these are my skill set, my foundation and base for artistery.